Finish Line to Success


Swim Spas Plus which is a DBA of Tulipani Enterprises, Inc. finds the Jacuzzi Acquisition of Thermospas (June 2012) and DimensionOne (Feb 2013) a pivotal chess move because Jacuzzi has had no possession of Swim Spas before the buyouts.

Thermospas/DimensionOne both have designs and molds for production, management and distribution of Swim Spas. Jacuzzi now has another feather in their cap. Jacuzzi started in 1925 and today produces Hot Tubs, Bath Tubs, Walk-in-Bath Tubs, Showers and Sinks.

Swim Spas Plus has been in the industry for 37 Years (1976). We as a wholesaler thrive for perfection and in providing high end products to fit the budget of consumers nationally during this fierce recession.