10.6ft Tulip Hot Tub Swim Spa

Swimming | Relaxation | Pool Steps

Interior Color

Silver White MarbleSilver White Marble
Solid WhiteSolid White
Ocean WaveOcean Wave

Exterior Color


Cover Color

Dark GreyDark Grey

10.6ft x 7.3ft x 4ft


What Our Customers are Saying:


It was a pleasure to speak with you today and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your website. I have been looking for a small swim spa/hot tub because of size constraints in my yard. We are located in a NJ suburb where space is a premium and I wanted to get a spa that I could exercise in without it taking up my whole yard. Your 10.6 foot Tulip will be perfect for what I want and fit nicely into the space that I have. I haven’t seen anything else like it and I am so happy that I waited and didn’t settle on a bigger spa that really wouldn’t work in my situation. I also am very happy about your built in entry steps. That is another feature that was important to me that I haven’t found in any other spas and it will be much more comfortable and safe to get my daughter, who has special needs, in and out of the spa. I am looking forward to many years of joy for my family with your Tulip Spa and thank you for providing this design that fits our needs to a tee!

Thank you,

Spa Description
The Tulip is 10.6ft in length, 7.3ft in width and 4ft in depth and is a very affordable swim spa. With an area for swimming and 2 comfortable seats for relaxing providing you the best of both worlds relaxing and swimming. It has 2 entry steps that are 7ft wide for entry and exit as well as a full LED lighted waterfall system and two first class seats with pulsating jets to observe someone swimming in front of the three river jets. The built in entry and exit steps are for safety like a swimming pool.

Price Includes

  XL Lucite/Aristech Acrylic/USA
  Polyurethane Insulation for Shell
  Stainless Steel Frame
  2 - Headrest Pillows
  2 - 32inch Chrome Grab bars
  ACC Control System for 11Kw Heater Provided by Tulipani
  3 - 3HP DXD Swim Pumps Provided by Tulipani
  1 - 2HP DXD Jet Pump
  1 - .53HP DXD Circulation Pump Provided by Tulipani
  Fiber Reinforced Polymer Base Provided by Tulipani
  PVC siding Skirt (Grey/ black/ Brown)
  1 - Top Mount Filter
  1 - Ozone Generator 200mg/h
  200sq/ft Filter System
  1 - Pair Paper filter
  41 - Chrome Massage Jets
  3 - Rushin River Jets
  6 - Fountain Jets with LED Lights
  20 - Water-level LED Lights (with Synchronizer)
  Topside fittings
  Nordic Cover with safety lock (Grey/ black/ Brown)
 2.5" Piping Provided by Tulipani

Warranty Information

  5 Years Warranty on Swim Spa (structural)
  1 Years Surface on your Swim Spa
  2 Years Parts & Labor
  1 Year Warranty on LED Lighting

Optional End2End Roll Cover - Additional $ 3,000