Hi Victor,

I bought a jog spa special for my husband who has Parkinson Disease. We knew it would help with his tightness and it did. What we didn't expect was the fact that daily use has decreased his tremors 90% in 2 weeks He feels much better overall and has better fluidity in all aspects of movement The jogspa allows him enough space to get a good workout in 40 minutes as well as helping with his movement disorder. Better results than expected.

Barbara M. Auburn, Alabama


Hi Victor,

Just letting you know, my husband Tom spoke to Sam, and it was a programming problem, that is now fixed. I can’t thank you enough for all your help! I would recommend ANYONE to purchase a spa from you!! We love our swim spa and thank you for a wonderful purchasing experience!


Lori S.


Hi Victor,

Just writing to tell you how much I am still enjoying my Monterey swim spa after 2 years.

The quality of the product is so good – no problems with any material or structure, no leaks, pumps and all electronic controls function perfectly and the swim spa remains very easy to maintain.

I’m impressed with the quality — in all aspects — of your swim spas . . . !

- Grant McLaren

As my 23 old daughter has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, her Doctor suggested hydro therapy. We got Monterey swim spa and Victor Tulipani set us up with all the latest and greatest accessories. We set the temp at 95*. Her fingers in the morning are swollen and hurting. She was first in the swim spa and said her fingers and hands hurt at first, swimming, but after a few minuets the pain went away and said it was a great work out and she has not felt better in 6 months to a year, taking medications, massages and doctor upon doctor visits trying to find relief. After one time in the Swim spa she was smiling and no complaints about pain for the first time we can remember, so as my wife was the one that we thought needed the therapy, it turns out , this will help us all I am 56 and wife is 55 so we know the future should be so much pain free.



I recently purchased a Luxury Swim Spa in Sierra from you, not long after it was connected to power we had tropical storm ERNESTO blow through and dropped 10-12 inches of rain in 12 hrs. My back yard was still torn up from the construction and installation so it did not drain like it normally would. The Swim Spa was in 12-14 inches of standing water! The GFCI circuit had tripped at some point but all the pumps and a good portion of the computer were underwater. After I called you I followed your advice; I allowed every thing to dry for a day and then took a hair dryer to all the affected components. It worked, every thing fired back up and works perfectly! I use computer in the field as a part of my job and have never seen one come back to life after a complete soaking, needless to say I am very impressed.

Not only with the quality of your components and workmanship but with your customer service as well. Thank You for building such a fine product and using such well built components, I will continue to recommend your company to my friends and family.

James Clark Virginia Beach, VA

James Clark Virginia Beach, VA

The “Operation Love” Committee and the Kiwanis Club of Fresno wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Tulipani swim spa company for its support.Tulipani’s generous discount on an Olympic sized therapy swim spa has helped make our dream a reality, aiding the continual physical rehabilitaion of 10 special needs children.
Over one year ago “Operation Love” was organized through the Kiwanis Club of Fresno Foundation to raise money for an above ground therapy swim spa. The spa would benefit an incredible family with an incredible story. However, the donations weren’t quite adequate to cover the cost, despite the generosity of so many individuals. When we approached Tulipani, the company gave us by far the most generous discount we had seen and free delivery. Thanks to their donation and so many others, this family can now move essential but grueling and tedious therapy sessions from a cramped living room floor to a beautiful new swim spa behind their home in Fresno, California.

Thanks, Tulipani!

For more information on the Ballance Family, please contact the “Operation Love” chair at larry_ellen4ever@juno.com.
Sincerely, Larry Bethers.

Larry Bethers Kiwanis Club of Fresno California

Hi Victor!

I am getting very excited about receiving my swimspa. Construction has started on the pad, and will be complete by Saturday… I decided to do some additional concrete work and am looking forward to the beautiful facelift of my entire backyard! I wanted to let you know that I will be mailing the check first thing tomorrow morning so you should receive it by Thursday or Friday. I apologize for the delay, but I needed to juggle a few investments, in order to be certain that I could fund the entire project.

Do you have a projected date of arrival? A rough “guess-timate” will be sufficient for now! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate finding you! You’ve made it possible for me to purchase a truly luxurious item at an affordable price. Previously, the thought of owning a “swim-in-place” product was purely “wishful thinking” but your existence has made the impossible, possible. I can’t wait to reap the benefits of hydro-therapy and excercise…. I am genuinely grateful. I look forward to hearing from you and will certainly spread the word to others!

Deb G.

Deb G.

American Doctors prescribe vertical water excercises to 6 Million people a year.

This Day and Age we search for strength,longevity and vitally for a healthly life. Combined research July,1994 with life college, Dr. Jerry Schindler with Sports health science and Human Performance Lab said while swimming against the current in place and doing water Aerobics with continous exercises continually provide beneficial help to your muscles,Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Dr. Jerry Schindler

Dear Vic,

Once we got the spa up and running I was so thrilled with it that we spent an hour or more a day just enjoying it and the sunshine. At that point I was barely able to get in and out of the spa as you know I was almost totally wheelchair bound at that time, so just getting in an out of the spa was a challenge. After the months of being unable to even walk, I was so weak and had absolutely no muscle tone not to mention the horrific pain if I tried to stand or walk. Anyway, at first I just relaxed and enjoyed being in the warm water in the afternoon sunshine—got my first suntan in years. As I began to feel better, I started some easy exercises in the water—barely able to do each one 4-5 times each at first. After a few days of that, I gradually increased the repetitions—now I can do 30 of each and try to add a new one each week. During the summer we spent at least an hour every day in the spa and I knew there was No way I was going to get through the winter without my time in the spa.

I’ve told many people that it has been the wisest, best investment we’ve ever made …. I knew that working out in water was beneficial because I had attended a water aerobic class right after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but during the time we were traveling full time, I was not able to keep that up. We would probably still be traveling had I not gotten so bad that I could not walk and the pain was too unbearable to make traveling—indeed living, sometimes, even feasible anymore. I feel the SwimSpa was MADE for people like me—-with both arthritis and fibromyalgia you are in so much pain that you don’t want to move —- while at the same time KNOWING you need to. The only way I can do that is in the water. I am so glad my son told me about the swimspa before I bought just a hottub because I know now that would not have been as beneficial. In a hottub, you get in and SIT—-it feels good, but you don’t realize any lasting effective once you’re out. I knew I had to work at getting my muscle tone back, build up my strength and endurance to the point I would be able to do exercises that were strenuous enough to help my muscles and the pain, but also help improve my overall health. Once I started feeling stronger and was out of the wheelchair onto a walker, I started doing other things that I felt were necessary for my overall recovery. I t has been about 7 months that I’ve been using the SPA and I feel better than I have in years. Mind you it isn’t the Spa alone, just being in the water, as great as it feels, just doesn’t DO IT. You have to work at it once you’re in there but the point is You CAN because of the water. It is still amazing to me that when I could hardly move or walk, once I got into the spa, I felt so free and the pain seemed to evaporate. I made myself sore a few times by overdoing it, but I learned quickly to find that balance between too much and too little. At first I was exhausted when I got out, even with the small number of exercises I could do and I’d need a rest before making,dinner. Now I feel reinvigorated and ready to GO afterwards.

Vic, I know you did not “invent” the spa but I want to thank whoever did and I wish somehow I could tell everyone with my condition how great they are. Just before we got the spa when I was so bad I could no longer walk and was in the wheelchair, I went to a new doctor hoping to get some help with the pain and management of the fibromyalgia and arthritis, but all that did was get me 6 very expensive prescriptions that drained my pocketbook much more than they did my system. I kept them up for months, even after we got the spa, but gradually realized they were not helping and were probably doing more harm than good—so I stopped taking all of them. After that, and some changes in my eating habits , I could feel a daily improvement. Even when winter set in and we cut back on our daily spa trips to 3-4 a week, 1 continue to improve. Now I feel like traveling, again, but at the same time I am worried about leaving the spa and its benefits.

Thanks again for helping us to make this a reality— without your help we may not have gotten a Swimspa after all, because of the cost. But am so glad we did —- hope you got yours in finally as well and that you have time to get as much benefit from it as we are …. oh, by the way, Ray as you know is very active and not disabled at all, but he goes in every time I do and loves it as well. He exercises in one end while I work out in front of the jets (they are almost the best part) and he says it has helped him too— we are so glad we have it to enjoy and help us enjoy our retirement. One of my favorite activities especially when the sun is shining and it is nice and warm, is to finish off the day in the spa, by “free floating” around and around the perimeter of the spa. Laying on my back with my “noodles” for flotation and the jets for propulsion, it just keeps me going around and around.. I just close my eyes and dream away — have thought many times that everyone should be able to enjoy that same feeling!!!!!
Did not mean to write a book, but I do tend to get a bit “carried away” when I start talking about the spa…It has literally “saved my life” and I will be forever grateful to whoever came up with the concept—if they did not have people with fibromyalgia in mind, they should have.
Thanks again —- sorry for the long delay in getting back to you…

Joy S.
Sutherlin, Oregon

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