Top 7 Reasons why you should consider an Above Ground Swim Spa Pool

1 – Feature Rich

As you have most likely noticed above ground swim spas offer many of the same features that a hot tub offers you such as massage jets, comfortable lounge seating, beautiful LED lighted water fountains and much more. One such feature that stands out the most is the powerful water jet system that enables you to swim in place against the current. Traditional in ground swimming pools do not really offer these kind of options as a standard since the initial cost just for installing an in ground pool leaves very little for the budget conscious consumer for the extras. With a swim spa pool you get not only a large swimming area but many of the same features you’ve come to expect in a swim spa or hot tub.

2 – Cost

In considering your options it is important to consider the significant savings in cost when choosing to go with an above ground pool the cost savings versus an in ground pool is thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. You’ll not only save money in the initial installation but the overall maintenance of an above ground swim spa pool is much more cost effective.

3 – Portability

Technically speaking your above ground Swim Spa Pool is still considered portable meaning if you decide to move in a year or two to a different location you can simply have your pool moved to your new location. With an in ground pool your investment stays with the home so you are not able to take it with you when you move. We have yet to see a forklift or crane that can move an in ground pool, but that’s all you really need for a swim spa pool.

4 – Safety

Hundreds of hours of research go into the overall design and construction of above ground swimming pools to ensure they are safe for you and your family. Such safety features and technology have evolved from the hot tub industry as well as swim spa industry to construct an above ground swim spa pool. Safety suctions are installed to aid in the circulation of the water safety, Locking Covers and since an above ground pool is above ground you can move your steps away for added safety.

5 – Maintenance

This is a big plus for the above ground swim spa pool they are extremely easy to maintain. Our Swim Spa Pools are made from XL Lucite which provides for an antimicrobial surface which helps keep your pool healthy and clean. Not only does the surface make the difference when it comes to maintenance but having such a well plumbed system allows for the water in your swim spa pool to circulate keeping it fresh longer whereas most pools the water is stagnant most of the time. These features make having a pool specialist to take care of your above ground spa pool for your family optional, but we still recommend it.

6 – Space Saver

Chances are you may not quite have the space to fully accommodate an in ground pool in your back yard, with an above ground spa pool the shape allows for plenty of pool activities and a lot of area for the serious swimmer while still having room in your back yard for other things.

7 – Minimizing Taxes

Since in ground pools are considered a permanent fixture and value add on to the property this will make your property taxes be adjusted. Above ground pools do not have to worry about this since they are still portable you can take it with you when you move.