Preparation for Delivery and Installation of Swim Spa

Questions Upon Purchase

Upon purchase of a Swim Spa, many people have questions, for example, “what does it cost for delivery of a Swim Spa?” Delivery cost is not included in product price and is calculated based on destination address. Delivery outside of California is not taxed. Delivery cost and taxes (California only), once assessed, is added to overall cost on invoice. During order arrival time, the new owner will need to make some preparations.

Owner Preparation

Before product delivery, it will need to be decided where the location of the Swim Spa will be placed, and if it will reside above or below ground. About 90% of customers prefer above ground because in-ground construction is roughly 3-4 times the cost of above ground installation. Above ground construction requires a 6 inch concrete pad with rebar inlayed built to the dimensions of your new Swim Spa. The Swim Spa requires a dedicated electrical line that can be built into the concrete pad or placed to the side. If the electrical line is placed to the side, when the wiring is being hooked up, a hole will need to be drilled through the long side of the paneling. Upon delivery, the Swim Spa will need to be transferred from the flatbed truck to the location in your backyard by either fork lift, costing approximately $200.00, or a crane costing approximately $1200.00. To assess if a fork lift can be used, imagine the Swim Spa, in length, being carried by a fork lift to where the Swim Spa will be placed. If the length of the Swim Spa can fit, being carried, then a forklift can be used saving lots of money. If the length will not fit you will need to have a crane make the transfer from the truck. Always make sure to research around because pricing can be very different between companies and contractors.


Before the Swim Spa leaves the factory, it is put on a rack and water tested for 24 hours. Then the unit is cleaned out and vacuum formed with plastic. The product is then ready for pickup and delivery 4 – 8 weeks after purchase. Once your Swim Spa is created, it is loaded onto a flatbed truck and properly secured with a tarp for wind protection. The Swim Spa then leaves the manufacturer, and is delivered curbside to your house.


After the Swim Spa is transferred, we recommend a licensed electrician familiar with pools and spas hook up all the wiring. A licensed electrician is recommended because the person will be dealing with water and electricity. A person familiar and involved with the equipment will usually spend a few extra minutes showing how the bells and whistles work, on your new Swim Spa, as opposed to doing the work and then taking off. The only other requirement is to fill the Swim Spa with your garden hose and have fun!