Points of Interest When Buying a Swim Spa

What should people look for when buying a Swim Spa?

Overall Size and Swimming Area

One of the great advantages of a Swim Spa is their size. They range from 12 ft long by 8 ft wide by 4 ft deep to 19 ft long by 8 ft wide by 5 ft deep. This makes the swimming area accessible for any person, no matter the height, to exercise and have fun.


Swim Spas have the option of containing 2-6 seats with a lounge combination. For example the product can have 4 seats with a lounge or 2 seats with a lounge. A family with kids, who entertain, might want 6 seats while a retired couple might want 2 seats with a lounge.

Swim Jets and Message Jets

Swim Spas generate a flow for exercise and therapy generated by 5 horsepower pumps and special swim jets. In the industry, message jets are for hot tubs, but can be added in the order process.


Water exercise involves the whole body improving a person’s overall health. Swim Spas are easily adjustable to suit the needs of a person. Swim Spas can be used for training purposes, calisthenics, therapy and rehabilitation. Adding weights, ankle tethers and other equipment can give an individual all the advantages of having a gym in aquatic form.

Dual Temperature

Dual Temperature allows a person to be swimming in a section 12-18 ft at 80 degrees, while other people can be relaxing in a hot tub area 6-8 ft at 104 degrees. Owners have the option of angling the Swim Spa 90 degrees if the location cannot contain the length. People who already have hot tubs are ahead of the game. All they need to do is purchase a 12-16 ft Swim Spa and attach it to their existing hot tub. This option can save thousands of dollars when purchasing a Swim Spa.


An ozonator comes with the Swim Spa and kills 90% of bacteria. Up to a 200 sq ft system filters 24 hrs a day. In combination with the ozonator and filter, 1 tablespoon, per person using the Swim Spa, of either Bromine Granules or Chlorine should be added to the water for cleansing.


The insulation is treated like a thermal cup of coffee. Foam is put in around piping, the shell, and backside of the paneling which creates a thermal cap. Insulator liner is also put on the bottom of the Swim Spa. The spa cover holds 90% of the heat that rises for full insulation saving money.

Fiberglass or Acrylic Liners

Fiberglass or acrylic liners are not a standard industry application. Materials today developed by Dupont use Xl Lucite in sheet form that is vacuum formed on a female mold and reinforced structurally with fiberglass. The new material Xl Lucite has a new resolution called Microban that is anti-bacterial.


Warranty is usually established by the manufacturer. Dealer or seller may offer different variation of warranty or additional warranty other than manufacturer. Structure: 5-20 yrs
Pumps: 1 yr
Heaters: 1 yr
Manufacturer: 90 day free labor