Jog Spa Diagram Illustration showing the dimensions of the interior of the Jog Spa in inches

Jog Spa Customer Video Testimonial

I have been diagnosed with diabetes 2, parkinson's disease, hypertension, have had quadruple cardiac by-pass surgery, and have had my left knee replaced.

I find that after 6 months use of the jogspa as an integral part of my exercise regimen I am more flexible and more comfortable than I have been in years. The moist heat alone loosens tight muscles. Jogging against the river jets-no small accomplishment-provides great resistance training, as does the rowing exercise.

And if you just want to relax, the ample seating makes this possible.

Bob Merrill

  • The Ultimate in Relaxation and Tranquility

  • Soak and Sooth aching joints and muscles

  • Water Therapy Recommended by Doctors

Side view photo of woman relaxing in the Jog Spa with her head laying back and the lighted led fountains running in the background

Photo of a Woman in the Jog Spa Jogging against the current showing the theraputic benefits of the Jog Spa

    Low Impact Exercise

  • Walk, Jog or Run in Place

  • Adjustable water currents for Resistance

  • Strengthen your core!

    Rowing (Arms, Upperbody)

  • Easily work those hard to Isolate Muscles

  • Rowing is the new Spinning!

  • Workout at your own pace and resistance!

A view of a Woman using the Rowing attachment of the Jog Spa to showcase the water exercise available in the Jog Spa
View of the interior of the Jog Spa
Interior Spa Diagram
Jog Spa in Backyard
View of the interior of the Jog Spa
Jog Spa installed in Customers Backyard Covered
Spa Lights on Jog Spa
Customer using Jog Spa in backyard

Interior Color

Exterior Color



With Traditional Spas keeping you confined to the center, you’re not able to move around and really stretch your legs or engage in any water aerobic activity. The Jog Spa allows for you to have conversational socializing while leaning against the wall. The Jog Spa which has been 38+ years in the making, is a virtual first in the Hot Tub industry. Our Patented Horse Shoe Shape design offers you the power of 750 Gallons Per Minute of water direct from 2 River Jets to Jog or Walk or Run in place while holding the grab bar and the comfort of sliding side to side without bumping into molded seating! The depth of the Spa is 46Inches, putting the Water level at your chest not your waist. Exercising/jogging/stretching/mobility all in One Jog Spa !!!! The Jog Spa is built for therapeutic value.

Aristech Acrylic Shell (Lucite sterling)
SAE 304 Stainless Steel Frame
52 - Chrome Stainless steel jets
2 - Chrome River jets
6 - Chrome fountain jets with LED lights
3 - Headrest pillows
Chrome Grab bar
Built-in Filter
200mg/h ozonate generator
Water Diverters\ Air Regulator
Insulation for Shell
Nordic Cover with safety lock
PVC siding
ACC Controls with 8Kw Heater
2 - 3HP DXD Pumps
3HP pump for River Jets
.53HP DXD Circulation Pump
FRP Bottom Tray
Rowing System
Entry Steps - $300 Optional
5 Years Warranty on Swim Spa (structural)
1 Years Surface on your Swim Spa
2 Years Parts & Labor 1 Year Warranty on LED Lighting