Dual Temperature Applications

In the Spa/Hot Tub industry the majority of the manufacturers sell a Dual Temperature Spa that is one piece only that is separated by a wall to create applications of swimming at 85 degrees and hot tubing at 104 degrees.

This is fine and dandy, but you are limited to variations of design and budget costs!

Consumers rely on the knowledge of their local Spa Dealers to provide the critical suggestions for the application of Home Improvement. Some customers still have an existing hot tub and others do not. For those customers with existing hot tubs they can simply purchase a Swim Spa just for swimming, in doing so they have effectively protected their initial investment which allows them to merge the hot tub and swim spa together for the dual temperature environment. Without a Hot Tub the customer continues to look at the dual temperature designs that are available for their family environment.

At Swim Spas Plus our Dual Temperature designs can be used as one piece, left or right angles or totally separated for different locations a Swim Spa on the backyard or deck and the hot tub off of your master suite. We also provide your choice of Swim Spa design and Hot tub design for you to choose from 20 to 80 jets and with a combinations of 3 seats to 6 seats or no lounges or lounges to fully accommodate your needs and preference.

It is also important to note in our dual temperature swim spa and hot tub designs you have two dedicated lines one for the Swim Spa that provides a 11kw heater for up to 2000 gallons of water and another line that provides for an 8kw heater for up to 700 gallons of water providing more efficiency and faster recovery and less cost overall.