21ft Absolut Novato

Dual Temperature Swim Spa

Interior Color

Exterior Color



$ 15,500.00


The Absolut Novato dual temperature swim spa measures out at 21ft in length and features a Swim Spa with 2 seats with back, calf and feet massagers as well as 3 River Jets for swimming. The Hot Tub provides seating for 6 as apposed to 4 and comes with 30 Jets.

(6) Swim Spa Waterfall Fountains
Custom Entry Steps
Custom finished in Duratemp exterior skirting
*(3) Vipor 5 HP 56 in. Frame. (2-2speeds ) (1-1speed,) (1000 GPM)
(3) River Jets
(2) 5.5kw (11k) Digital Heating System COMPARE, Quality/Efficiency/Costs (Swim Spa) (Patent # 6670584)
(2) Dyna-Flow 50sgft Top Load Skimmer Filter System (100sgft)
(1) Smar-Touch Topside Digital Display for operating Swim Spa Pumps, Timer, Lights and Temperature Display
(1) Air Controls for the 3 Stream Swim Spa Jets
*(1) Control Knob for 6″ Rotational Colored Fountain
Thermal insulated on Swim Spa Tub/Walls (Tahoe Pack)
Swim Spa Ozone System for killing Bacteria
Colored Swim Spa Light
(2) Insulated Swim Spa Covers (Safety Locks)
(6) Swim Spa Safety Suctions
30 Jets/5 Hp Pump
8.0Kw heater/Topside Digital Control
Cover/Steps/ Light
Ozone System
10 Years Warranty on Swim Spa (structural)
1 Years Surface on your Swim Spa
1 Years Parts & Labor
1 Year Warranty on LED Lighting
Option 1 – LED Surround Lighting (24). $390
Option 2 – 25 Jets/Swim Spa, $1,000
Option 3 – (30) Massage Hot Tub Jets. $ 400
Option 4 – (40) Massage Hot Tub Jets. $ 700